Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing ClearCorrect Trays?

One of the best things about ClearCorrect is that it is a lot more convenient and requires less adjustment to your daily routine, compared to getting traditional metal braces. However, this doesn’t mean that you can keep doing everything exactly the way you did before you started your ClearCorrect treatment.

Coffee lovers, in particular, need to adjust their habits. You shouldn’t drink coffee while wearing your ClearCorrect trays. You need to remove them first. Why? Read on and find out from Nova Cosmetic Dentistry.

You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee While Wearing ClearCorrect Trays

We highly recommend that you avoid drinking coffee while wearing your ClearCorrect trays. But that doesn't mean you can’t drink coffee at all! You just have to make a few adjustments.

First, remove your trays and store them in the carrying case to keep them safe when you have your coffee. Next, drink your coffee! Try to drink it quickly, within about 30 minutes. This minimizes the amount of time that you’re not wearing your trays.

Then, once you’re done with your coffee, just rinse out your trays and brush your teeth. Pop them back into your mouth, and get on with your day. That’s it! With these minor adjustments, you can keep drinking coffee while wearing ClearCorrect.

Why Can’t I Drink Coffee While Wearing My Trays? 

Wondering why drinking coffee with ClearCorrect trays is a bad idea? While we can’t stop you from doing it, there are a lot of good reasons why you should avoid drinking coffee while wearing your trays.

  • You’ll stain your trays and teeth – If you’re a coffee lover, you probably are already aware that coffee is a major cause of teeth staining. And unless you remove your trays while drinking, this problem is even worse during ClearCorrect treatment. The coffee will sit between your teeth and trays. This can stain both the plastic trays and your natural enamel, discoloring your smile.
  • You’ll have a higher risk of cavities – Coffee is naturally acidic, which means that it can contribute to a higher risk of cavities. This problem is worsened if you put a lot of sugar or cream in your coffee. Sugars feed bacteria, which excrete acid and cause tooth decay. If you wear your trays while drinking sugary coffee, you’ll be giving oral bacteria an ideal environment to reproduce, create acid, and cause tooth decay, which is not something you want during ClearCorrect treatment.
  • Your trays could become warped – This mostly applies to people who love really hot coffee. ClearCorrect is made of a heat-sensitive, “thermoplastic” polymer. This plastic is heated to make it pliable when your aligners are made. If you regularly drink very hot coffee or other hot beverages like tea, this softens the plastic significantly, and can warp or damage your trays, which may delay your treatment. 

You Can Keep Drinking Your Coffee During ClearCorrect – But Be Smart About It! 

If you love your morning cup of coffee, we get it! But take your aligners out, drink your coffee quickly, and rinse and brush before replacing your aligners. This keeps your teeth healthy and your treatment on track while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage.

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